Hip or Knee Replacement

If you have tried numerous options to treat your hip or knee pain, and it continues, it’s time to talk with your doctor about knee or hip replacement.


You may be a candidate for hip or knee replacement if:

  • You suffer severe knee or hip pain that limits your daily activities

  • You have moderate pain in the affected joint(s) when you’re at rest during the day or at night

  • You have knee or hip inflammation that’s long-lasting, along with swelling that does not improve with rest or medications

Hip or Knee replacement surgery involves replacing the damaged or worn hip or knee joint with an artificial one, either via minimally invasive or traditional, open surgery.

Some of the advantages of having hip and knee replacement at DCH include:



3D Knee Implant


At the DCH Comprehensive Joint Program, we use the latest, most innovative technology available to ensure the best patient outcomes.


Ask your doctor if a 3D knee implant is right for you.


This latest technology utilizes your individual CT scan data, combined with proprietary software to manufacture a knee replacement implant made just for you. In doing so, you’ll receive an implant that’s designed to conform to your anatomy. This design allows your surgeon to preserve as much of your natural knee as possible, and this includes your own bone preservation. The implants are also thinner, allowing for less bone and healthy tissue removal. 


What are the Advantages?

Having a 3-D knee implant performed as part of the DCH Comprehensive Joint Program offers several distinct advantages. The custom-made implants may mean you’ll experience:

  • Less bone loss

  • Less blood loss

  • Less pain

  • A faster recovery

  • A better overall outcome